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Are you a NEX40 member looking for someone to talk to about the challenges you face in your business? Or maybe you're simply looking for a peer to connect with to discuss your experiences as a young professional in floor covering. Or are you a NEX40 member with considerable experience in the floor covering industry who is willing to share what you've learned with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions then please consider participating in our Members Mentoring Members peer mentoring program, exclusively for NEX40 members. 

In this program NEX40 members can create a MMM Profile where they identify their professional experience in a wide variety of floor covering and business management topics including sales management, warehouse operations, business administration and more. When other NEX40 members have questions about one of these topics, or would simply like to talk about one of these topics with a fellow NEX40 member, they can submit a request a Connection Request. Once a NEX40 member has submitted a connection request, the NEX40 team at CCA will pair them with another NEX40 that self-identified as having relevant experience in their profile and facilitate a meeting. All connections are voluntary and will be cleared with both NEX40 members before any communications are made. 

To get started, Create a Members Mentoring Members Profile to tell us about yourself and your professional experience. You don't need to be an "expert", simply having some experience in one of these areas can make you a great candidate to connect with a peer. In the future when you have a question or would like to talk to another NEX40 member about something specific, fill out the Members Mentoring Members Connection Request and we will find someone with relevant experience for you to talk to. 

It's that simple! All connections are short term and not intended to be a permanent mentoring program, just a facilitated conversation on a given topic designed to connect NEX40 members together in a professional environment. If you have more questions about the program feel free to email us at Otherwise, get started today with your MMM profile.

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